Kitchen’s Food: Marketplace for Home-Cooked Food

When you are working far away from your home, then nothing is superior and pleasurable for you than fresh and tasty homemade food. With quality ingredients and mesmerizing aroma, there is no alternative to ghar-ka-khana.

Hyderabad-based Kitchen’s Food is trying to bridge this gap by providing home-cooked food to the foodies or working class right from the Indian kitchens. The platform has home chefs, who are offering plethora of cuisines. All you need to do is just select the menu and Kitchen’s Food team will deliver the food from the chef’s home to your location.

Started by Cdr Rishi Raj Singh and Divya Maheshwari, Kitchen’s Food was launched in 2014. They have 500+ registered home chefs, who are offering delicious and appetizing home cooked food on their platform.

The cofounder Divya, who is a great cook, was thinking of creating a marketplace for home cooked food for a long time. The idea was translated into reality when one of her friend introduced her to Rishi, who instantly liked it and they both started to work on the startup.

Kitchens Food

Rishi says, “We are empowering women who have the culinary skills and entrepreneurial mindset to become a successful chef. With the quality standards ensured for preparing food at home by our home chefs, we hope to address the problem of unhygienic food that is available in the streets today.”

He further adds, “Everyone eats food & instead of bothering about maids, cooks, etc., one can conveniently opt for this cheap & healthy alternative.”  Presently, Kitchen’s Food provides line of cuisines including Andhra, Andhra non-veg, Bengali, Bihari, Hyderabadi, Indian, Indian Chinese, Maharashtrian, Tamil, veg desserts, etc.

Even though they are in the initial stages of their startup, they are thinking big, as Rishi says, “We will make kitchens obsolete in the world. Only people who love cooking will look for a house with a kitchen, the rest will not waste their time, money & effort in getting a kitchen.”

Presently they are operating in Hyderabad and serving 200+ orders every day. Rishi, who was working at Google, quit his job to scale globally. He says, “We get about 200 orders per day & we get paid Rs 50 per order. The rest of the money goes to the chef. We have over 6000 registered users.”

Bootstrapped by Rishi, Kitchen’s Food is looking for right partner to fund them so that they can scale their business to new heights. Speaking about the challenges in startup sector, he says, “It is always tough to get top talent at great salaries. But, I think we have a great team now & we are always looking for great people.”

Rishi, who is ISB Alumnus, was as a combat pilot in the Navy, served for 15 years.  For budding entrepreneurs, he has a piece of advice – “Just go ahead & do it. Put your passion behind the same & you will learn a lot.”

Syed Sirajuddin

Syed Sirajuddin is, like always, passionate about the Indian startup ecosystem and loves to share innovative and ground breaking startups from nooks and corners of India. He loves reading and interviewing entrepreneurs.

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