TEXT-ORDER-REPEAT! How DudeGenie is Changing the Way Customers Order Online


In the words of great Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”.

Indian markets have witnessed a surge in the number of apps offering consumers a wider choice in essential household needs and modern lifestyle requirements. The market is going through transition phase. With too many apps for similar stuff, it complicates the process than doing any good.  This is where Dudegenie has been able to capture attention, in the most gripping fashion.

Started by three IIT Bombay graduates – Abhinav Agarwal, Rikshav Borah  and Shaunak Das, Dudegenie is an online platform, where you only need to text your needs such as groceries, food, flowers, laundry, book movie, travel tickets, etc. and Dudegenie will help deliver it to you making your life more convenient than ever before.

What sounds appealing is its unique business approach to bring as many as four different aspects under one unified process: online searching, order placing, product hunting and on-demand delivery.

“The Internet-driven search offers answers, not solution.” We weren’t quite sure of what exactly they’re trying to imply, until we sat down and discussed the concept, in entirety. What followed was an eye-opener in terms of how scattered the market was looking before and how they’re planning to turn it into a collective process.

“As a user, what we find missing is customized approach for different types of requests. We considered it our moment of opportunity. We considered it our Sun Tzu moment”, said Shaunak Das.

Indian consumers have been offered with multitude of apps for food, grocery, gifts, movie, travel, essential household requirements etc. Rikshav Borah, co-founder of Dudegenie, raised the point of offering ‘holistic, convenient and hassle-free experience’ by launching a single app.

In present times consumers have to go through several channels and contact each one of them, separately. The biggest challenge was to simplify what’s considered a technically superior way to search, select and buy things online.

We knew one thing: The chaos had got the better of local vendors, products and customer service. A person who uses two different apps to buy grocery and send flowers would often struggle to find the best deals.

The team Dudegenie has set three goals: convenience, user-centric approach and reliability. When we asked about selecting ‘Genie’ as brand logo and its significance, the core members shared the magnanimity of mystical character, its unparalleled set of powers and characteristic appeal to get things done.

“We wanted to convey the message that users can get things done by dropping us a text”, said Abhinav Agarwal. Our slogan “Buy grocery, order food, book tickets and appointment over text, hassle-free” is aptly carried by it.

A service like Dudegenie questions the legitimacy of traditional system and its effectiveness in present times. The market is always prepared and would welcome any concept that brings consumers and local vendors, together. The team believes that the birth of Dudegenie has taken place out of desire to serve common people as masters of genie.

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