How Printnama is Taking on Major Players in Merchandise Printing Space


Merchandise printing is a $20 billion industry and in India, there are many major players such as Poster Gully, Alma Mater, Print Venue, Printland, Zoomin, etc. operating in this segment. While this industry isn’t crowded or saturated as much as other industries are, there is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to break into it.

Realizing the immense potential in both B2C and B2B sectors, Imran Mohammad started Printnama – a personal branding store in February 2015. It was established under the Brandvoy Design Solutions LLP, popular brand studio for startups based in Hyderabad.  When asked about the secret behind the name – Printnama, Imran says, “Printnama is amalgamation of two words, Print  and Nama (Sanskrit word for ‘name’ ).”

After finishing MS in Software Engineering from California State University in USA, he worked with reputed companies such as Related and Citibank as a senior business analyst for 3 years before returning to India and starting his own firm Brandvoy Designs and Printnama. He is a creative thinker, who says, “I am a mad man with mad thoughts blabbering about entrepreneurship round the clock.”

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business that gives them a clear edge in competitive markets. With big companies spending billions of dollars and making incredible efforts to increase their brand popularity, Printnama is a perfect platform for startups to get started at minimal costs.

“Printnama is all about reflecting an individual’s or a brand’s personality.”  Imran adds. With Printnama, one can design their promotional and merchandising stuff i.e. t-shirts, posters, bags, key chains, stickers, badges, business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, letterheads, and mugs on their own.

All you need is to design your products on their website and the rest of the work is taken care by Printnama i.e. printed and delivered at your doorstep. They have some creative design works on their website as well. Some of them are:

printnama designs

He says, “The aim of Printnama is to take customization of brand collaterals to a different level. Audience is more smarter than the start-ups with the rise of education on Internet. Printnama is a platform that gives all the comforts for customers and brands in designing their merchandise and collaterals.”

All the major players has one or two categories missing from their offerings i.e. Alma Mater do not have customized  posters while Poster Gully do not sell t-shirts, but Printnama plans to become one stop solution for branding and merchandising by providing every product on their portal which can be branded. This USP provides Printnama an extra edge over their competitors.

Currently, the company is dealing in three product categories: posters, framed posters and bags; and they are planning to soon increase their categories with huge varieties of products and designs. He says, “We as Printnama understand our audience very well. Quality comes first for us.”

“We are not trying to sell our products; we are focusing on selling those products and designs that customer needs. Our ideas and designs are 100% customer-centric. Though there are lot of players in the market, it’s unfortunate that the design templates are very mediocre and not customer-centric. Printnama will focus on building the design templates that suits an individual’s or a brand’s personality.” He adds.

However, Imran faced many hurdles and obstacles while executing his vision, but his creative and positive thinking has opened new doors of opportunities for his startup.

He says, “Since we have started recently with a pretty much big vision, it was very difficult to add the inventory in the store with such a low investment. Now we have successfully tied up with few NGOs from Hyderabad that are ready to take orders on demand for us. We now proudly can say that our vision has positive impacts on the society behind the scenes.”

Printnama is bootstrapped with minimal investment, but efforts are being made to raise some funds so that they can keep growing and remain competitive and sustainable in the market.  They are even planning to become a marketplace, where designers and artists can display their products.

The merchandise printing industry is booming for a while and presently they are getting 10-15 orders daily. Funding will help Printnama to invest in core areas of their business such as marketing, shipping and variety in products and designs.

If they are funded sooner or later, they might soon dominate the Indian market and their goal i.e. “to get bulk orders from corporates, brands and organizations across the globe,” will soon become into reality.

When asked about the success of Printnama, Imran says, “The effort of every team member that understands the vision of Printnama clearly, played a key role in our success.” While parting, he has a word of advice for entrepreneurs, “Try to maintain a perfect balance between professional and personal life as much as you can, for the best results.”

Syed Sirajuddin

Syed Sirajuddin is, like always, passionate about the Indian startup ecosystem and loves to share innovative and ground breaking startups from nooks and corners of India. He loves reading and interviewing entrepreneurs.

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