Browntape Lets Merchants Sell their Products Across Multiple Online Marketplaces from One Single Dashboard


Goa-based startup Browntape lets merchants sell their products across multiple platforms including major Indian ecommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, Rediff Shopping, Tradus, Naaptol, ShopClues, etc. from one single centralized inventory management system. They have even partnered with ecommerce software giants like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and OpenCart for effectively managing sales and inventory.

According to Your Story, they raised an undisclosed amount of investment (around $ 1 million) from Seedfund and serial entrepreneur Krishnan Ganesh in February 2014. They are using the fund in hiring right talent, enhancing the technology, increasing the sales as well as marketing team in major cities of India.

Started in mid-2012, Piyush Goel, Ian Morgan and Gurpreet Singh are the three musketeers that spearheaded Browntape. Gurpreet says, “Browntape started with a handful of people in mid-2012. Our journey has been rapid, with multitudes of highs and lows.”

Gurpreet, who is the CEO of Browwntape, is a Computer Science Engineer and has an MBA in IT from Symbiosis College, Pune. His co-founders, Piyush Goel and Ian Morgan did their PhDs in Artificial Intelligence together in the UK.

What was considered a gigantic and riskiest task to sell the same inventory on multiple marketplaces is now an easy and simple affair. Just update your inventory in Browntape and BOOM! All your integrated marketplaces will be automatically updated and synced in real-time without any fuss. It will also aggregate your orders, analytics and sales reports from multiple marketplaces on single dashboard.

He says, “Our software product attracts experienced online sellers that want a tool to enable systematic tracking of their product inventory and sales. We are present across genres like Electronics, Jewelry, Apparel, Bags, Shoes etc.”

Merchants can also create bar-coded shipping labels, branded invoices and set automated emails, which will be triggered once the customer buys their products from any of their registered platform.

They are also in the business of empowering offline merchants to sell their products on ecommerce sites like Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. without any hassle. This service is customized according to the needs and businesses of clients.

Gurpreet further adds, “We largely target offline businesses that desire to move to the online space, as well as manufacturers, retailers, exporters, brands etc. It is personalized to each client’s needs and our trained ecommerce team takes complete charge of the daily operations with world class technology, pre-optimised processes and ecommerce expertise.”

When asked how they are different from other similar service providers like BoostMySale, UniCommerce, Ecomdash, Orderhive, Seller Active and Channel Advisor, he said, “Browntape is committed to using multi-channel ecommerce as a medium to create thousands of Multi crore success stories. We are also committed to keeping our service affordable for all sizes of businesses and aid them to run efficiently. Also, using our own software helps us understand our customers acutely as we sell and experience the same trials and tribulations.”

Browntape has faced many difficulties in attaining APIs from ecommerce companies and hiring the right candidate, which was extremely important for the growth of the company.  He says, “Our biggest challenge so far is when it comes to hiring the right employees for our organization. We are constantly looking to grow our team with likeminded people that are as hungry for growth and success as we are.  Sourcing candidates with the required qualifications is a constant struggle, and we are refining our staffing processes to achieve desired results.”

He further adds, “Another rigid assignment is attaining the right technical API’s from Indian players like Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. When we launched Browntape, we looked far and wide in the tech market for the much required assistance to deliver a “Wow” product.  I must say it was challenging and we have been persistently working in-house to upgrade the product and efficient on par with global standards.”

In just 3 years of operations, they are successfully dominating this space in ecommerce industry. Below are the milestones of Browntape’s achievements.

Mid 2012 – Mid 2013 Browntape was launched and this year was dedicated to product development. Heavy brainstorming, coding and modifications were involved to create a customer affable product.
Mid 2013 The founders participated in the GSF Accelerator program, a platform for product-oriented startups.
End 2013 Pushed for funds with various investors.
Feb 2014 Received funds from Seedfund and Mr. Krishnan Ganesh.
March 2015 The Company had grown, with 120+ employees and 100+ clients.
May 2015 Browntape has 2500+ subscribed users.

Since Gurpreet has loads of experience in playing the key role in development and success of major companies like  Merucabs, Kotak, Landmark Group Dubai, IDG India and Sharekhan , he has a striking advice for entrepreneurs.

“My genuine advice is to NEVER GIVE UP!  Consider a startup as a see saw that might have more see’s or saw’s depending on your luck! Every day is uncertain, with a  multitude of highs and lows.  Self-Pressure to start, survive, grow and then grow even more is the seed that pioneers success stories.

An important point that needs to be kept in mind is that the management style has to be flexible with the different stages of the company.

To elucidate this further,

Pre account stage – Company consists of not mor e than 2-3 members, all the tasks involved from strategizing to daily operations to making a cup of coffee is done by them.

Pre seed stage – The primary focus is on attaining funds. All energies are directed to meeting investors, increasing awareness of the product in the market, building networks etc.

Post seed stage – Once the moolah comes in, the next rational step is to build a strong team.  Rapid hiring is seen in this stage.

Post series A – When the team starts expanding, it is important to set up a structure. It creates discipline, a sense of belonging and goals for the employees. Thus, resulting in desired outputs.”

Syed Sirajuddin

Syed Sirajuddin is, like always, passionate about the Indian startup ecosystem and loves to share innovative and ground breaking startups from nooks and corners of India. He loves reading and interviewing entrepreneurs.

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